Active Pallets

Wooden Pallet 1165×1165 Heavy Duty Repaired

Length: 1165
Width: 1165
Shape: Square
Condition: Repaired

Our pallets are manufactured to meet rigorous international quality standards, utilizing premium raw materials. Gain peace of mind knowing your items are well-protected during transit.

Superior Raw Materials

We ensure that we source only the highest quality raw materials for the production of our pallets.

Optimized Spacing

The spacing within our pallets is strategically designed to achieve even load distribution, especially when stacking multiple pallets.

Two-Way Pallets

Our two-way pallets are designed to allow forklift entry from both the front and rear. They feature stringers for added strength.

Flat Structures for Transportation

These wooden pallets are flat structures specifically designed to provide support for loading and transporting goods or merchandise.

Safe and Secure Transportation

Our wooden pallets are equipped with corrugation, providing excellent resistance against jerks and drops.