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Active Pallets provide exceptional service in supplying quality timber and plastic pallets at a competitive price. Active Pallets offer a wide variety of Plastic Pallets and Wooden Pallets in various sizes to fulfil your requirements.

The Benefit to dealing with us is, every phone call made, you speak directly to the owners of the business, a personal touch our customers love! Don’t mess around with the rest, phone us and deal with the best!

Don’t mess around with the rest, phone us and deal with the best.

Find Pallets That Suits Your Needs

We not only offer brand new pallets, we also offer second hand pallets and light weight pallets.

Wooden Pallets

Timber pallets the world’s no1 choice due to their simplicity and price. Wooden pallets are not designed for looks but get the job done and best of all it will not cost you the earth to have a pallet converted into a different shape or size.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets simply do not require certification or further treatment if being used as export pallets, as the plastic material as naturally resistant to water rot or rust.

Used Pallets

Active Pallets offers only quality second-hand pallets that have been individually inspected and repaired to meet your needs. We also offer a repair service for your damaged pallets, at a very competitive price.

Why Choose Active Pallets?

Free Delivery

We provide free delivery for orders of a certain amount

Lease Pallets

We can lease pallets​ for your Requirements

Pallets Pick-Up

We will pickup pallets from you. Book our pallet pickup service

Old Pallets

We can purchase old pallets from you


We can build or cut down pallets to any size

Used Pallets

You can buy second hand pallets from us

Pallet Pickup & Removal

We specialise in the pickup and removal of unwanted pallets in Sydney. Rubbish pallets can take up a lot of valuable space and can be dangerous. We can in some cases offer free pallet pickup and even Rubbish Pallet removal throughout Sydney and the surrounding suburbs.

High-Quality Wooden Pallets

We have the shipping and storage solutions that our customers need. We offer the following options

  • Standard wooden pallets
  • Shipping pallets for export
  • Plastic pallets
  • Custom-made pallets

We can custom-build pallets for your particular shipping needs. Just get in contact us and let us know the specifications of the product you would like made. Our team is very experienced and can meet your needs while exceeding your expectations for delivery time, quality, and cost effectiveness.

We are Australia’s trusted supplier of quality wooden pallets, offering storage and shipping solutions that Australian businesses count on. We offer a range of sizes for our clients to pick from, as well as custom-designed pallets to fit the needs of the individual customer.

We offer more than just the very best in quality new wooden pallets. We also sell the finest plastic pallets available in New South Wales. This can be a cost-saving option for shipping businesses and warehouses looking to find an alternative to traditional wood pallets. Plastic pallets are ideal for airfreight due to their light weight and the fact that they have no quarantine requirements. International suppliers prefer them.

We would be happy to give you a free quote, if you contact us by phone or email.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are a low-cost substitute for timber pallets, used in shipping and air transportation. There are no quarantine limitations on plastic pallets, which makes them instantly superior to wood pallets. That also cuts down on air freight costs and various hassles associated with the shipping process. Because of how hygienic they are, plastic pallets are ideal for food transportation. No matter where you want to ship in the world, we can find the right plastic pallet for your needs.

We are always looking out for how we can give our customers the advantage in shipping and selection. We offer a wide range of lightweight plastic pallets that are designed for durability. They are all sustainable and recyclable, and on top of that, our pallets contain no nails and will not cause splinters. They are water resistant as well, making them a great choice for shopping of any kind. This cost-effective pallet choice is ideal for both light and heavy-duty shipping needs.

Compare plastic pallets to wooden ones and you may see that the plastic ones are more expensive. However, Active Pallets uses a variety of plastic pallets that are designed for shipping and storage and are very resilient.

All of our plastic pallets come from local companies we trust, and any pallets that are too worn to be relied on are taken out of service. We may do minor repairs on them and then sell them on the second-hand market, if they are still usable.

If you want to save some money with your business, then you can buy reconditioned pallets from us that are still durable enough to meet your needs for local and international shipping.

Call us for a free quote. We will get back to you quickly with a quote to help you make your decision.

Active Pallets ensures that we are the most cost-effective option for plastic pallets in New South Wales. There is no order so big that we cannot fulfil it and no order is too small for our company to consider. Our team is dedicated to filling every order with high quality pallets you can count on.

We will help you get your project started fast, and we provide service throughout the region. We can arrange to have pallets shipped to you or arrange for pick up.

Let us know what you are looking for so we can get your pallets to you soon.

Reconditioned, Seconded Pallets for New South Wales

New pallets can be expensive, and that’s not money everyone wants to spend. In order to help our customers cut costs and make their choice of pallets a simple one, we offer affordable second-hand pallets. We sell reconditioned pallets for the New South Wales area, and we keep all of our storage materials from our warehouse in top condition.

We deliver a large selection of pallets to customers all throughout New South Wales. Our pallets are designed to be used for a wide variety of purposes and come in a range of sizes. Before we sell any of our second-hand pallets, we paint and repair them. We also provide pallet repair and refurbishing for our customers.

Active Pallets helps businesses lower their shipping and storage costs by offering very affordable second-hand pallets. This reduces overhead, and you can pick from a wide selection of reconditioned pallets. We know you will be pleased with the level of quality on offer.

We can provide you with a quick free quote. Call us or email us today for your quote.

When pallets become broken down and worn, they can pose a danger to workers. The pallet could break while goods are being transported, and they could cause cuts or wounds in those employees working with them. They do not have to be completely discarded, however. Active Pallets offers some great pallet recycling options for your old, well-used pallets. By reusing pallets that would otherwise be discarded, we are protecting the environment and helping our customers reduce costs.