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Active Pallets

Pallet Collection Sydney

If you have leftover timber or plastic pallets that you no longer need, you’ve come to the right place! Why suffer through these leftover pallets cluttering up your work site which can take up precious space in your storage facilities or warehouse? Our professional pallet collection team are friendly and efficient and ready to assist you for all your pallet needs. Book our Pallet Pickup Service Today!

How Our Pallet Pickup Service Works

Step 1
Send Images

Simply email images to “” and state the following: Quantity of the pallets and size of the pallets.

Step 2
Receive Quote

Our friendly pallet collections team will reply to your email with a quote to remove and or collect pallets.

Step 3
In the event that Fees are applicable this can be completed –charges via credit card or Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT).
Step 4
We Pickup

Our professional team at Active Pallets will complete the collection of your pallets within 1 – 5 working days.


Active Pallets services Sydney and throughout a super-fast, friendly and efficient pallet collection service to assist you and your company, dispose of any and all pallets you no longer have a use for.

Our professional collection team will arrive at your site and load up your unwanted pallets (Minimum 60 Pallets). Think of all that free space! Active Pallets can pick up 60+ timber or plastic pallets which you no longer have use for, including damaged, undamaged as well as branded pallets.

Undamaged Pallets

All undamaged pallets can be collected without charge for quantities in excess of 60 pallets. Please contact us to arrange collection.

Damaged Pallets

Active Pallets offers a collection service for damaged pallets. Be advised that a collection charge may apply. Contact our friendly team so we can provide you with a fixed price to remove any and all of your unwanted pallets.

Pallet Drop Off

In the event that you have less than 60 pallets that you need removed, you can drop them of yourselves at our depot at 1375 Camden Valley Way, Leppington, NSW 2179 between 7am and 4pm Mon-Fri.

Why Choose Active Pallets?

Fast Service

We provide free delivery for orders of a certain amount


We can lease pallets​ for your Requirements

Fast Pickup

We will pickup pallets from you. Book our pallet pickup service

Friendly Service

We can purchase old pallets from you


We can build or cut down pallets to any size

Easy Transactions

You can buy second hand pallets from us